Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Swishing at The Library

Well, folks, last night was a food-and-swishing extravaganza at The Library restaurant in wonderful Norwich! My lovely friend Gina and I first sampled the delights of the Winterfest menu; you can enjoy two courses and a glass of wine for only £10 per person! Very reasonable, one might say. I went for salmon and hand-cut chips, which was a very large plate of food; definitely not stingy on the chip front! We like this...
Gina went for the vegetarian option comprising leek and potato dauphinoise and roasted veg. She isn't a vegetarian (and never will be!), but unfortunately she doesn't like fish (this is quite a gross understatement... I, on the other hand, adore it, which is partly why I still eat it despite giving up meat...) and the carnivorous option involved lamb's liver, which did not appeal. Her dish was apparently delicious, but not quite substantial enough (a chicken breast would have rectified the problem a treat, apparently), but due to my extremely generous chip-portion we filled her up a bit!

We both were recommended the chocolate tart for dessert. And here it is, in all its glory... wow! It was a definite good shout- very delicious. I have decided to give up all refined sugar for lent, so this was a sort of last hoorah! The only comment I would make on this is that it would have been even more amazing warmed up!
This, we must bear in mind, though, is coming from someone who used to put chocolate gateaux in the microwave... (nb it collapses and the sponge disintegrates a bit. This is something my friend and I used to do quite often and then eat the whole thing. I feel slightly sick thinking about it now!)

Anyhoo, next came the swishing!

The swish was in aid of Leeway , a domestic abuse charity in Norwich, so it was a pleasure to help support the amazing work they do, and even more of a pleasure that we could do this involving fashion!
This is a picture of my haul! I managed to grab 3 dresses, a light coat from Principles and this awesome pair of high-waisted 80s style Gap jeans. I've added the belt and I intend to wear them with a tight or logo t-shirt tucked in and doc marten style boots. Can't wait!

This is a polka-spot Forever 21 dress that fits me quite well. Polka-dots are always a favourite, but I do intend to change these buttons. They are actually a kind of sludgy colour, despite looking like a sunny yellow in the image...

This is another Forever 21 polka-dot dress! This one is a bit larger so it will either be worn with a belt or passed on to someone with bigger boobs than me. Which is not difficult...

Awesome 80s jeans rolled up at the bottom! Am I slightly too excited about  what could be argued is quite an unattractive item of clothing...?

Principles light-weight 3/4 sleeve dress coat. I think its quite exciting and if nothing else the fabric will be useful! I will post pictures if and how I wear it!

Finally a Mango dress still with tags on! It fits quite nicely and the colour looks good on me, I think I shall wear it for going out with a coral lipstick. Keep you posted!

All in all a very successful evening! We did proceed to go home and eat two pancakes apiece... All that swapping is very energy-draining, youknow?

Hope you enjoy! Much love,

Kate Xx

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