Friday, 1 February 2013

M&S Floral Trousers

 Just a quick rundown of today's outfit! Featuring floral chinos from good ol' Marks and Spencer SS12! I got these with 20% off so they cost me something like £14 which was an offer I could not turn down! I've teamed them with a white H&M shirt which I've had for a couple of years, I really like it because it has black buttons! And little frills around the cuffs. And is generally very ladylike, which lets me pretend that I am also. I'm wearing a navy blue wool jumper that I bought in a charity shop for £2 the other day and I love it!

The piece de resistance here is my battered (well-loved) tan satchel! My Grandad rescued it for me from an old lady's house clearance and I adore it! Although I tend to overload it with stuff- the strap has broken twice...
Finally, due to the fact that it is not minus-one-million degrees anymore, I am wearing my pink boat shoes!

Hope you enjoy! Much love, Kate Xx

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