Sunday, 10 February 2013

Jumble sales and blueberry muffins!

Well, Last weekend was full of Norwich-based fun and frolics! The first note-worthy event was the bi-monthly Jumble-Up sale on Saturday at the Norwich Arts Centre! This was my first jumble-up as a seller and by golly, twas a fun and joyous occasion! Here's a sneaky shot of my wares, and my very lovely money tin which I was not prepared to sell...

 I have discovered that not only are these events a treasure-trove of thrifty and fabulous fashions, especially if your style is a bit 'vintage', but that you can make loads of friends too! Lots of the people I chatted to are regulars and all know each other, and were more than happy to fetch me Earl Grey and suchlike, which in my book is the basis of a life-long friendship!

 I thought this was lovely! Ros, the vendor of this lovely book was selling amazing genuine vintage stuff from her granny's house! And her very gorgeous two-year-old son was with her and kept us all entertained with his scary dinosaur impressions! Cue 'awwwww'...!

 Shoes, glorious shoes...!

And handbags, my my, this green and navy Chiltern one on top caught my eye straight away! I managed to restrain myself, though. I did intend not to buy anything... But I couldn't resist coming away with a high-waisted Levis sailor-style skirt, for £4, which I have worn practically every day this week, and a long black faux-fur coat that the lovely stall-owner Rose sold me at a discount for £8! How could I say no...?!

Some lovely green dresses! I saw the girl who bought the chinese-style dress (just seen) try it on and she looked amazing!

Making clever use of some wiring to hang more clothes!

Does everyone remember these? I used to collect trolls when I was little! I had one my Gramps brought me back from Denmark on business which started the whole thing. You used to be able to get little ones that sat on the top of your pencil...?

Anyhoo, all in all I had a lovely time and I managed to make a tidy £50 into the bargain selling off some of my old detritus! I will definitely be at the next one with a spending budget for bargains! Prices seemed to be a lot cheaper than even charity shops, the ladies opposite me were selling a rail of (really good quality) clothes for only £3 each and as the day went on they were selling more and more stuff off at 50p! My advice to y'all: get to the Norwich Arts Centre website and find out when the next jumble-up is (psst, its March 2nd) and I'll see you there!

After a night spent in a cardboard box for the YMCA (this deserves a blog post of its own!) on Sunday The Boy and I took a little trip to the Cherryleaf Coffee House on St Giles. I had never been before but had oft' walked by and gazed through the windows with the intention of visiting one day...

This was that fated day!

I went for eggs benedict with smoked salmon, which came on a toasted english muffin. The eggs were poached to perfection, there was an impressive amount of smoked salmon, and the food was all made and brought to table within about 5 minutes! Great if you need a speedy snack, plus the eggs-and-salmon-combo kept me full for hours! It was good, too, how the hollandaise sauce was served on the side, rather than all over the food, as it meant I could add as little as I liked. Look how delicious it was!
My meal was accompanied by a pot of Earl Grey tea, and then The Boy and I shared...

 ...The Best Muffin In The World. 

It was banana, blueberry and maple syrup flavoured. It was moist, sweet and delicious. I am a little bit in love. With a cake... I highly recommend everyone in the world samples this! Mmmmmm. We were chatting to the owner after we'd eaten and apparently she injects the muffins with extra maple syrup after they're cooked for extra sweet maple-y goodness! Wow.

The whole place is actually very lovely and the sort of coffee shop where you could sit with a book and relax. Which is something I intend to do very soon!

I also intend to sample the homemade soup! The day we went we missed out on mushroom and leek. Next time, next time...

What a wonderful weekend in the Fine City of Norwich!

Hope you enjoy reading! Much love,

Kate Xx

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