Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Let it snow (cos I'll wear a wooly jumper!)

 Well, it snowed. I was supposed to be in London now, seeing fashion and friends. All is not lost, though; the wintery weather permitted me to wear my especially-warm-and-cosy woolen 'ducky' jumper. I bought this jumper in a charity shop in Dereham for £3 about a year ago. I tried initially to give it to The Boy, but he has a self-diagnosed surfeit of wooly jumpers (due, in part, to my contributions I believe...) and he is also not cool enough to pull off the ducks... So I have retained this beauty and bring her out solely when temperatures permit it.

Here is a close-up of the ducks in their full glory... Hope you enjoy!

The rest of the outfit includes a striped scarf acquired from a charity shop in Sheffield. I did have a matching hat but I do have a tendency towards losing hats. And gloves, actually. In fact anything that I may have to remove at any point whilst out and about likes to wander off. Socks do the same after you wash them... One day I will maybe stumble upon a secret room filled with lost wooly things. That would be a very wonderous place to find...
I  am also wearing red corduroy jeggings from Marks and Spencer. I do love M&S. Especially their iced spiced buns. Mmmm!
The coat that should really be buttoned up to keep the cold out is from the H&M conscious collection and is made from 50% post-consumer waste. Which made me feel quite excited. I also love the rusty colour!
 My wellies are eons (well, not literally. That would just be silly.) old and used to belong to my grandma.

I am smiling because I have a jumper with ducks on, obviously.

I hope all of you other East Anglians are enjoying the snow and making snow people. Or drinking hot chocolate. Or even wearing wooly duck jumpers, but that is probably too much to ask...

Much love, Kate Xx

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  1. A lovely jumper, Kate. Yes it is cold. I'm in orange today to warm me up! A woman after my own heart for #newlyreloved finds (#preloved is such a sad term). Keep up with the lovely blog and maybe visit mine if you fancy it :)