Friday, 18 January 2013

Flowers! (in the snow...)

It's still very snowy, so I thought it appropriate to wear flowery trousers to remind us all that spring will come again, one day. Not today, or tomorrow, or Sunday if the weather-man is to be trusted, but one day...

These trousers have an exciting story attached to them: I bought The Boy a wooly jumper for Christmas (yes, I know, anyone would think I liked dressing him in wooly jumpers or something... He was wearing one when we met- perhaps a story for another day, though) from H&M. It was quite spur of the moment, mainly because I had realised with a jolt on Christmas-Eve-Eve that all his other presents were hard and square and one needs at least one squishy present to open on any present-receiving-occasion, so i didn't check it over very well. Sadly, when he went to put it on, a hole was discovered. We went to exchange it but they only had size humungous left, so I asked for a refund (I still owe him a new present, actually... as if the gift of having me in his life were not enough!) and the assistant on the till presented me with a 'loyalty' gift card. I didn't like to point out that returning gift items was erring on the side of disloyal. But anyway... These flowery trousers were a pair I enjoyed greatly when I saw them at full price, but exercising an unusual (for me) level of restraint I did not purchase them. Upon discovering that the gift card I had been awarded as recognition of my loyal custom was about to expire, I popped instore and found these trousers on sale for £5 (the last pair in the shop, also in my size, this is fate, people), and hurried with them to the checkout. So really, I got them for free. I can't help feeling there was something wrong with the above scenario, from the perspective of Hennes & Mauritz in any case...

I am also sporting a long-sleeved black tee, also from H&M about two-and-a-half years ago, which I wear at all the times when one requires a long-sleeved-black tee. The bag you can just about see in this picture was a very happy charity-shop-find in Sheffield a few years ago. I love wearing it when I'm channeling an equestrian vibe. I've customised it with a little Dior (well, it says Dior, but I'm no expert) silk scarf given to me by a friend who inherited it from her Grandma or Great Aunt or some such elderly matriarch, and thought I would love it. Which I do. 

 The cardigan I am wearing is from a company called Braintree who make clothes from eco-fibres like hemp and bamboo. I love the autumnal colour and the fact that the buttons are purple! You may not be able to see in the picture, but one of the buttons is actually a little purple heart. Things like this make me smile inside!
The coat was a lucky charity shop find from RSPCA Norwich for £5! It's a Warehouse 50s-60s style coat which looks never worn and has a very exciting detachable fur collar!

Finally, I'm wearing of pair of black Clarks leather ankle boots that i acquired at a charity swishing event in Sheffield just at a time in my life when I was considering buying some black Clarks leather ankle boots. My guardian fashion angel certainly keeps a close eye on me!

I hope you enjoy reading! Much love, Kate Xx