Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fun Creative Day with Lizzie Xx

So I woke up this morning feeling reeeally grotty; I had to see the dentist yesterday because my wisdom tooth was swollen and DISEASED (well, actually, apparently it wasn't quite that serious... ahem...) Anyhoo today I woke up and my throat was diseased too, and I'm not used to being diseased; I tend not to permit germs to infect me, so I was quite indignant, and left to my own devices I would have sulked in bed feeling pants... Luckily, I had planned to spend the day with my cousin Liz, who shares with me a penchant for vintage, charity shops, tea and cake... so I dragged myself out of bed and we had a maaaaarvelous time!

After making some wintery vegetable soup full of vitamins to fortify me and make me un-diseased, the two of us decided that it had been a long time since we had foraged amongst the charity shops of Dereham! So off we went... I'm wearing some patterned black and white trews from H&M summer 2012, which were £9.99 I believe. I wear them rather a lot, actually. I'm also sporting some black polka-dot ASOS flatform shoes that Liz finds mildly amusing and that The Boy thinks are from Back To The Future... I like them, though, and they are tres comfortable!
The aviator-style coat was £4.50 from a charity shop in Sheffield about 2 years ago. And the oversized men's green lambswool jumper is from Cancer Research just next to Bank Plain in Norwich, and cost approximately £3.50. My bag is the old faithful equestrian-style charity-shop find. I am mainly using it all the time because I cannot really be bothered to transfer all my stuff from it into another bag which may better compliment my outfit. Cut me some slack, people; I'm diseased! The hat, I shall come to...

...Now! I got it today in Sue Ryder in Dereham for 95p! Do you like...?! I kinda put it on my head for a joke then decided I loved it a little bit! You can also perhaps make out my bright pink Barry M lipstick, applied to pretend I'd made a bit of an effort with my face... (sorry, guys, I left my brows ungroomed...)
The charity shop haul did consist of a few more goodies, which will feature in a post soon I'm sure! Among them were some royalty mugs (I love the queen) and a huge oversized silk blouse with little rabbits all over it that will be upcycled into something else; I'm not sure what, yet. Watch this space!

The fun was not over yet, though! We baked! Scones, yum yum! Here is a close up in all their glory! We used a Delia Smith recipe, which is my fail-safe tried-and-tested scone recipe. She's all right, our Delia. And she loves Norwich, too!

We then decided that a proper vintage tea-party was in order, so out came the pretty china teacups, doilies and cake stand! 

These pretty teacups were a gift from my lovely Nan who tries to give away everything that isn't nailed down. I actually tried NOT to receive these cups from her china cabinet! But she tends not to take no for an answer. I came away that same visit with a jar of jam, purely because I'd commented that it tasted nice... As you can see, we have ingeniously utilized a china teacup as a receptacle for whipped cream!

An action shot of me pouring the tea for you all. I do love tea... This is kind of tea-porn, really, isn't it? Julie Andrews informed us via song that tea is a 'drink with jam and bread...' but...

... I think it's better with jam and SCONES! With lots and lots of cream, obviously. Apparently clotted cream (the best cream in the world, ever. Fact.) has approximately one million calories per gram. Plus the village shop didn't sell it. So we compromised with whipping Elmlea which we whipped up in my new Christmas Magimix! I am sure many posts shall feature it. We used it a lot today, for soup, an invented watercress sauce to complement salmon for dinner, and to make Hummingbird Bakery white chocolate and cranberry cookies, which are still in the oven...

In this picture you can also see my mens vintage cotton PJs. I have maybe four sets of these and they are awesome for general lounging about the house! I have only worn the trousers out in public thus far but perhaps I shall put on some heeled boots, a blazer and some bling and give the full set an outing in the big wide world!

All in all a rather agreeable and productive day!

I hope you enjoy reading! Much Love, Kate Xx


  1. How do you manage to look so incredibly beautful - even though you are diseased!

  2. aw, jenny :-) did you have a nice time in the shops today? I got a new v dark lipstick which shall be featured soon! Xx