Monday, 22 April 2013

First Summer outfit of the year!

Well, folks, this weekend we Norfolkians experienced something that could be described as Sunshine. See how it partially blinds me in this image...? It was rather magical, and prompted me not only to shave my legs, but to get them out, too!

 For me, there is one colour which typifies bright, sunny days: the colour of summer toenails across the globe- Coral!
Something about it just makes me happy. Sure, it looks good with a tan and not so good against stark white (I'm referring to my legs, here) but I actually don't care. The sun came out, which makes people do all sorts of crazy things (like walk around in public practically naked- I'm sure you will hear some rants from me on this topic as the temperatures rise!)...

My fun-in-the-sunshine outfit comprises this gorgeous oversized coral blouse, bought from a charity shop for a couple of pounds, teamed with this Topshop-via-Ebay polka dot cream skater skirt.

 I am also wearing some Topshop-via-Ebay nude-coloured wooden-heeled leather sandals. I had gone to all the trouble of painting my toenails coral with a glittery topcoat during Made In Chelsea the previous Monday evening, and this was their first outing! Peekaboo!

I love a good classic polka dot, but I particularly like the kind of 'smudged' stitch effect on these ones!

(Eek! That's one startlingly white leg, there!) I have only recently emerged from the shower in these pics, so my hair is towel-dried with several spritzes of sea salt spray (I have just used a Superdrug own-brand for £2.49 here being on a rather tight budget at the moment!) and a slick of mattifying moisturiser on my face. Other than that I am au naturel (hence no close ups!). I hate the feeling of wearing lots of makeup in the summer, particularly powdery kinds, which is inconvenient since I tend to be perma-shined during the hotter months.
BB cream is a great invention and I don't tend to feel like I'm wearing makeup with it on, but i will be on the lookout for some shine-control products as the weather gets warmer! keep you posted...

Hope you enjoy!
Muck love, Kate Xx


  1. Kate, I like 'muck love' at the end seeing as my fingernails are filthy with doing the gardening today. I so need a manicure! Great blog post - from @angie_therapist

  2. Oh my gosh such a sweet look and those shoes are everything!